Tuesday, March 10, 2009


i am so ready for spring. i don't really get why we live where we live. it's freezing for nearly 8 months of the year. yup, our summer are usually gorgeous BUT that doesn't change the fact that the rest of the year it's white. i felt renewed on sunday morning when i got up. i was tired, i will admit that (kids don't understand daylight savings, do they?), but i was excited to know we'd have a whole 'nother hour of light in the evening! it's been great! eating supper when it's still light out instead of in the dark. somehow though, my excitement of 'spring' coming has been a bit diminished by the fact that today there's a blizzard warning in effect. yup... a friggin' blizzard warning. talk about depressing. actually depressing enough that i'm just in the foulest of moods today. watch out! i did have a few spots on brown grass poking through the SLOWLY melting snow of our yard... and now, hrmph, there's crazy blowing snow and windchill in the minus 40's (celsius). man, oh man... it always brings me back to the same question: why do we live here again? ok, here's a plus. a friend tried to make me feel better about the situation by telling me about this new show called, "extermination" or something like that. anyhow, the last episode she saw was a house infested by cockroaches. ewwwww! that is a NIGHTMARE, actually, beyond a nightmare in my opinion. that would be hell for me. thank the Lord that a situation like that could never occur where we live b/c there actually aren't any cockroaches living here. yippee! so, that made me realize that at least if i have to suffer through snow and cold and horrible weather, i'll never have to worry about large insects and tarantulas invading my home premise. and for that... i'm thankful.

but... i'm still itchin' for spring.