Friday, June 26, 2009

sweet summer skirts

long awaited, here they are.
i finished them already a couple weeks ago but i just haven't had time to download the photos and actually update my blog. ok, i've had the time just haven't MADE the time is more like it. my girls are quiet for a couple minutes so i decided to update the blog.

the skirts were quite easy to make, just took a bit of time. lots of zigzagging so my fabric wouldn't fray. working on the long stitch and pulling it to gather the pieces. fidgeting with the elastic and making sure it wasn't twisted before i sewed it shut, etc, etc. but it was fun! and even though my feet were actually swollen by the end of the day, it was worth it (it was like 27 degrees inside my MIL's house b/c she didn't put the a/c yet at this point and it was HOT outside). now the girls are thrilled they have matching little flirty skirts and i'm proud of myself for making them. who cares if they cost more than another cute skirt at old navy or superstore? they were created with love by their mommy! :)

here's another couple of shots of the girls playing in the yard.

and a close up shot...