Tuesday, December 23, 2008

for the zillionth time

every hour of every day it's the same thing... "when is christmas, mommy?" anyone else hearing this phrase as often as i? ;)
honestly though, i love it! it's so cute! kaia has been perpetually waking up long before the sun wakes up for the past week or so. i think it's because she really is so freakin' excited for christmas. every morning she wakes wondering if "today is THE day". it's hilarious. our days of late are spent marveling at the christmas tree, checking out the snow from indoors (since it's -35 celsius outside every day), watching christmas programs on TV, running around the house (this doesn't ever change season to season), eating dozens of those tiny mini honey mandarin oranges and listening to a whole whackload of christmas music. we might as well enjoy it while it's here, right? the line i JUST heard on our stereo, "soon it will be Christmas day!" 2 days and counting! hope everyone out there is enjoying the festivities this time of year!

here's a few photos from the various christmas programs the girls have participated in the past couple of weeks.

Monday, December 15, 2008

i love to read!

oh man, i just finished another fabulous book. seriously... i LOVE to read. i could do it all day, every day. i prefer fiction, but will read true stuff once in a while too. the book i just finished was this one. i was sad when i was done reading it yet i couldn't put it down because i had to know how it ended! it was so enjoyable and i was so engrossed by it that i felt i was in russia this past week. and i don't know if i'm the only one but i love to read to get away from it all and live in another world. sometimes life seems a bit monotonous and blase so i like to read to enter a new world. the world in this novel was set in the 1920-1930's in rural russia and it's full of passion, political fury, friendship, courage and so much more. honestly, i couldn't put it down. if you like this book, try Kate Furnivall's other best seller, "the russian concubine". also a fab read. now, to decide which book is next... another heavier read or a light chick lit? whatever i choose, i know i'll revel in the quiet times when my kids are napping and escape to a new place! i can't wait!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas, Christmas... a happy time each year!

does anyone remember that song? by evie? the swedish singing sensation? ha ha! i remember listening to that song when i was little and it always, always put me in the Christmas spirit. and now as an adult when i feel the Christmas 'spirit' then i get my house all decorated! none of it certainly all matches, but it all conjures up the good feelings... well, for me anyway. ;)

here's a few pics of my Christmas decor:

kaia and me decorating the tree!
kaybs, putting on her own ornaments.

some of the wrapped gifts.

my new fav ornament. does anyone know about my current obsession with anything bird decor?

my gorgeous willow tree nativity scene.

a couple stockings.

the pretty garland... a la clunky tire from last year.

the finished tannenbaum.

so... from my decorated house to everyone else around the world... have fun celebrating the season!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


i'm so blessed. let me say that again, i'm so very, very blessed. this past week has brought a multitude of happenings that have made me realize how much i actually have. in retrospective, i've noticed how much is special in my life. i have two beautiful daughters. ok, they're not perfect little angels, they have their moments, but they are healthy, living and breathing souls. i'm so blessed to be able to take care of them. God is good and He knows the desires of your heart. i have a fantastic husband. he loves me unconditionally (and if anyone knows me, that is sometimes hard to do... especially around THIS time of month). he loves me for me, all unperfect and flawed. i have an amazing family. 2 moms, 2 dads, 3 sisters, 3 brothers, nieces, nephews, an omi, 2 grandmas, a grandpa, lots of aunts and uncles and cousins. they all know me... and love me, each in their own special way. i can count on them for support. i have unbelievable friends. my heart swells when i think of these loved ones in my life. they are the life-giving fighters in MY corner! they would do anything for me, as i would for them. you know who you are! i have a warm and inviting house to live in. as i look out into the snow and cold winds, i know i am kept warm and cozy in my home. it protects us and welcomes anyone who steps through the front door. yes, i know my house isn't the cleanest one in the neighborhood. there are usually dust bunnies prancing around, hardened mac 'n cheese noodles under my kitchen table, but... BUT, my house is lived in. there is laughter, there is screaming (the good kind and the bad), there is lots of playtime, some good barbie movies, a fridge full of food and there is plenty of love! my house is lived in... in the best possible sense. these are the things i'm truly thankful for. but they are not the most important... the greatest blessing in my life is Jesus. really, He is. even if i lost everything else that's 'special' in my life, i will never ever lose Him. i've put my trust in Him and i know i will have everlasting life. even if all else fails on me in life, He will never let me go. that is comforting to know. Jesus is the greatest blessing of all. it's easy to forget the simple message of Christmas in the hurry and scurry of the holiday season. but if there's only one thing you ask for, for Christmas, let it be love. love of family, love of good friends and most of all, love from our Heavenly Father.
i'm so blessed. let me say that again, i'm so very, very blessed.

as a side note, this picture is very special to me as i used to have a copy hanging on my wall as a child. i used to think of myself as the little girl in the hands of Jesus. it just showed me how precious i was in His eyes. i still love this picture. isn't it amazing and affirming?