Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas, Christmas... a happy time each year!

does anyone remember that song? by evie? the swedish singing sensation? ha ha! i remember listening to that song when i was little and it always, always put me in the Christmas spirit. and now as an adult when i feel the Christmas 'spirit' then i get my house all decorated! none of it certainly all matches, but it all conjures up the good feelings... well, for me anyway. ;)

here's a few pics of my Christmas decor:

kaia and me decorating the tree!
kaybs, putting on her own ornaments.

some of the wrapped gifts.

my new fav ornament. does anyone know about my current obsession with anything bird decor?

my gorgeous willow tree nativity scene.

a couple stockings.

the pretty garland... a la clunky tire from last year.

the finished tannenbaum.

so... from my decorated house to everyone else around the world... have fun celebrating the season!


Bean said...

I didn't know who "stephanie joy" was until I clicked through and saw your picture, hehe!! I'm so glad you're blogging now! I've added you to my reader ((mush)) :D

stephanie joy said...

hee hee... so now i actually have a reader! thanks bean, dear! :) xox

imoses44 said...

I spent the better part of 2 days (and a weekend between) looking for this album and stumbled on your blog. I listened to it as a kid every Christmas but never knew who sang it.

Thanks so much!