Tuesday, December 23, 2008

for the zillionth time

every hour of every day it's the same thing... "when is christmas, mommy?" anyone else hearing this phrase as often as i? ;)
honestly though, i love it! it's so cute! kaia has been perpetually waking up long before the sun wakes up for the past week or so. i think it's because she really is so freakin' excited for christmas. every morning she wakes wondering if "today is THE day". it's hilarious. our days of late are spent marveling at the christmas tree, checking out the snow from indoors (since it's -35 celsius outside every day), watching christmas programs on TV, running around the house (this doesn't ever change season to season), eating dozens of those tiny mini honey mandarin oranges and listening to a whole whackload of christmas music. we might as well enjoy it while it's here, right? the line i JUST heard on our stereo, "soon it will be Christmas day!" 2 days and counting! hope everyone out there is enjoying the festivities this time of year!

here's a few photos from the various christmas programs the girls have participated in the past couple of weeks.

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Bean said...

Merry Christmas!! Next year you should do an advent calendar so the girls can count down the days :D