Thursday, July 22, 2010


running, running... running is an interesting thing. i've had conversations with my friend for a while about what constitutes a 'runner'. so, what does? i guess it's different for every person. my opinion used to be (key word being USED) that a runner was someone who was kinda hard core. you know... runs like 10 miles a day, for fun. or maybe it was just someone who ran consistently. like 5 times a week every week, without fail. did i ever consider myself a runner? i've run off and on for the past 8-9 years. taking 6 month breaks here and there. maybe even more b/c i never ran when i was pregnant. too paranoid, although i do know that it is perfectly safe. i will be honest when i say that i've never loved running. i always heard of people saying, "oh i NEED to go for a run!" or "oh, running is so therapeutic for me." i didn't understand. maybe b/c i had the wrong outlook. i don't know. (yes, i'm rambling here... but i'm good at it, don't stop me) a few weeks ago something changed in me. this is not something i'm telling everyone. certainly not. but here i am putting it up on cyberspace. i guess it's kinda safe b/c really? who honestly reads this? ha ha! it's just me putting my thoughts to paper, errr, i mean putting thoughts to the keyboard? but i think i'm a runner. i do. like i was saying before, my friend and i discussed this at length. and we decided that anyone who runs, is a runner. be it 1 mile once a week, or 26 miles on a regular basis. and i'm kinda liking this new thought. i am a runner. i run. no one can dispute that. but i think the key to my success at running, is making it a consistent thing. i have a schedule. i schedule my runs in every day. and it feels good. seriously! i'm really, fully enjoying it. what will come of this? who knows? i have that little birdie on my shoulder saying that i can continue this training for a 1/2 marathon in about 10 weeks. but on that other shoulder is that little devil telling me that i can't accomplish that goal. so... we'll see. just getting out there and pounding the pavement is enough for me right now. enough for me to say that i truly am a runner.

here's a quote i read in the last running room magazine that inspired me:
"Runners come in all shapes, sizes and speeds. Even though I'm a curvy 36 year old, I'm still an athlete. I'm faster than some and slower than others, but my speed doesn't make me any more or less of a runner..."