Wednesday, February 25, 2009


why can't i be as crafty as i dream to be? well... maybe it should be more like, why can't i find the time to BE as crafty as i want to be? that is the serious question. yes, i have kids... yes, i work part time... yes, i'm social. but i know that i could find the time to squeeze in some fun projects. i've always had it in my heart to become a major sewer and clothes maker extraordinaire! you know how people always wonder what their 'hidden talent' might be? i've always had it in my head that mine is sewing. unforunately, i've haven't given myself the time or effort to see if it is really true. maybe it's just a pipe dream. ha ha! regardless i never run out of things to be inspired by. here's the newest piece.
isn't it dreamy? and so adorable... i need to have it. i am such a sucker for deals that i like it better than the real anthropologie sweater because of the fact that she made it for only $6!!!!! yup... 6 smackaroos! can you believe it? the sweater online retails for over $150 canadian. yikers! i can't afford that. but $6 and some time/effort. that i can do. so... i'm feeling inspired. if i don't win, then maybe i'll try for my own sweet piece. buy a little cardi and add some trim. it'll be perfect! and the mere fact that i'll be saving money will be the sweetest reward!! take that recession!!!

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