Tuesday, August 4, 2009

some belly pics and thoughts

my friend, charmaine is an amazing photographer and i asked her if she'd be willing to take some photos of our family and my belly as we await baby #3. we were awestruck by the fantastic pictures that she took. simply amazing! so, i thought i'd share a few of my favs on here.

i can hardly believe it's only a month 'til baby arrives. i'm scared, nervous, excited, hopeful and so many other emotions that i can't quite put into words. i wonder how i'll manage with 3 children but i know that once i'm in it, it'll just be the way it's supposed to be. whatever that means. anticipating this baby's arrival has been far different than when i was pregnant with the girls. for one thing, we know how much work a baby can be... and so we're cautiously excited about it's arrival for we understand that soon there'll be many sleepness nights, less freedom and more challenges. on the other hand, we know how amazingly lovable little babies are too, even when they're crying, we're crying and everyone is cranky. for the baby stage doesn't last forever and we will try to treasure it for what it is. we cannot wait to see how the girls react to this baby either. i think that is what we're most looking forward to. so... we wait anxiously and excitidly for this baby's time to come into the world. september suddenly isn't so far away.

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