Monday, June 21, 2010


i love design. i really do. i may not be a professional or have everyone's idea of the best taste, but i just know what i like. and isn't that the thing that really matters? yes, i do have my own personal decor style. can i name it? i'm not sure. i adore anything mid century modern. i like the 50's minimalist and 60's eclectic style. i like figuring out how to decorate well ON A BUDGET. i like funky fabrics. bright colors, mixed with easy on the eyes neutrals. i like coordinating stuff... however i'm trying to stray away from being too matchy matchy. i'm a wannabe DIY'er, always have high aspirations to turn something junky into something magical. most of those dreams die when i realize i'd rather sleep myself during the kids' naptime. ha ha! but, in saying that, i still love to dream about interior decorating. so, from time to time, i need to put up pictures of interiors that i salivate over. the building days are gone and over for us (we've built 3 houses and are now planning to stay put) but that doesn't mean i can't still imagine another dream kitchen, right? today i'll focus on kitchens.

here's a couple images that i'm currently in love with:

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