Thursday, August 5, 2010


so, i may be cheesy but i happen to love traditions within the family sector. i really do. and the annual family trip to the lake is no exception. my little family unit of 5 with a fabulous aunt and uncle and a wonderful nana and papa... staying at a great little cabin with all the amenities... enjoying the hot weather... eating well... it can't be beat. we go to clear lake every august long weekend and we always have a fun time. here are just a few snapshots from this past weekend.

at some point during the weekend, we always take the girls to throw stones into the lake.
they absolutely LOVE it!

just the five of us... check out little K's face?! priceless!

big K and me!!! i love this little girl to bits and pieces!!

another tradition... eating ice cream, every darn evening!
this is baby H's first taste of real ice cream! mmmmm! she LOVED it!!

mmmmm... shrimp boil. like i said, we eat VERY well out there!!!

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