Thursday, October 28, 2010


do any of you have a beautiful child in person... but that beauty just doesn't always translate into pictures?  poor little K!  ha ha!  she is a complete little doll.  honest to goodness, she really is a tiny doll.  she hardly weighs 30 lbs at 4.5 years old.  sweet girl!  but she just isn't the best when it comes to taking pictures... i should add, that she isn't the best at taking pictures when there's a flash involved.  case in point, check out these images of my, not so photogenic, 2nd child:

cheese, everyone!
 c'mon!  smile for the camera!
 ok, let's try that again.
 now, one with daddy!  smile!!
 one more time!
 now by yourself!
 one with mommy, perhaps?
 she even sneaks into other pictures, just to show those lazy eyes.  
 you'd think even a huge sundae would get those eyes open!  nope!

at least she stays true to herself!  ha ha!
with all those photographs of little K with her eyes closed, you'd have a tough time remembering how adorable she truly is.  just so that i don't scar her for life, here's a few great shots of my little girl:

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