Friday, November 12, 2010

shiny happy rainbows

feeling inspired by meg, i've decided to look for some shiny happy rainbows of my own in my little humble home.  here's what i found this morning:

 big k's rainbow tree craft. (also taken from meg)
 little k's rainbow tree craft.
 little k's favorite summer tank top.  yup, she's wearing it even though it's below freezing outside.  this is  much the same as any day.  she'll always pull out the summer clothes and wear them.  it gives me a reason to pack them all up to save for next summer.  however, can i just say i'm not driven enough to do that job right now?  sigh... let her wear 'em!
 the paints used to make those purty crafts. (yes, i DID make some too... i can't resist when it comes to paint)
 even the dirty dishes in the dishwasher are looking all happy!  awwww! and oh yes, the hubby would be proud that in some way, shape or form, his beloved Texans made it onto my blog.
 my t-shirt collection... i only took this picture b/c i recently went through this cupboard and tidied up all the shirts.  it looked like a hurricane before and absolutely NOT like a cute little rainbow of colors. (*patting myself on the back for getting to one of "those jobs"*)
and last, but certainly not least, my sweet new spice jars from anthropologie.  just bought on monday in dallas!!  they are yet to be filled.  i'm thinking... kosher salt in one, cracked black pepper in another.  perhaps some basil and maybe oregano in the other two?

can you find some shiny happy rainbows in your home today?


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you are a rainbow to me!! ;o)