Tuesday, May 15, 2012

insta-trip recap

our trip was, in one word, jam-packed.
full of so many sights, sounds, tastes, smells.
it was amazing.
and it flew by, like i knew it would.
suddenly, we're on this side of the trip.
we planned this trip for a solid 9 months...
and now it's over.
i took over 2900 photos with my DSLR.
almost 3 thousand.
i am nuts.
now, i need to find the time and motivation to go through them...
edit them...
make albums on iphoto to show my friends...
(because, let's be honest... who wants to look through my 2900+ pictures besides me?)
print, print, and print more of those photos...
and relive each and every experience of our trip THROUGH those photos.
ah, that's the reason i took so many!
sooo... before i actually get the real deal photos... here's a taste of our trip.
courtesy of instagram.

we ate a lot of this.
a lot, a lot.

we did quite a bit of dining alfresco.
(ahem... dining outdoors.  my italian is SO good now!)

drank so many great coffees/cappuccinos.
(i can't drink my gross dishwater coffee maker coffee now. blech!)

saw the most beautiful church building in the world!

walked all 425 steps up to the top of said beautiful church.

ate gelati... but, of course!
"when in rome..."
oops... i mean, "when in florence..."

took more pics in front of that beautiful church.
(thanks elissa for the photo op idea!)

toured through the chianti region of tuscany on a scooter.
and stopped to take pretty pictures in a random vineyard.

did some k-i-s-s-i-n-g.
"when in rome..."
(this time it works. pic taken at trevi fountain)

took some obligatory cheesy touristy shots!

took some wildly gorgeous shots of the cutest fishing village!

took in the view of the sea... again... and again... and again.
sigh... it never got old.

put my toes in the sand.

did some crazy ass hiking.
remember, we're from the prairies...
we ain't got no hills where i'm from.
hiking up and down these hills was a wicked workout!

took the time to relax afterward.
i could get VERY used to that view.

ate some yummy seafood... my favorite food of the trip!
i'm a sucker for anything with googly eyes and a crustaceous exterior.

took in a few amazing waterfalls.

went up a high mountain, made famous by 007.

ate more awesome regional cuisine!

channeled my inner fraulein maria.

watched my insane husband float through the sky!
and, thankfully, land safely.

drank some more great coffee...
this time a little more expensive (like everything was in switzerland).

channeled my inner tyra!
and posed in front of this famous peak!

lugged around these companions through airports and many train stations.

dined some more alfresco... this time in picturesque lucerne!

and waved "ciao" and "tschuss" to all our new friends.

like i said, in one word, jam-packed.
but so amazing...
and we have the pictures to show for that!
and the memories, which are even better!


Elissa said...

love love love it! oh how I want to go back!!! can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures!!! This is something we would love to do.