Tuesday, November 12, 2013

i'm still here!!!

i promise i have not left.
i've been busy with my girls and other commitments.
and honestly, i just haven't felt motivated enough to write on here.
sometimes i feel my words don't hold enough weight to actually matter on the interwebs.
but then i know that my words matter always to my Jesus.
and if i want my blog to reflect Him... then i need to share what He's doing in my heart.
can i get an amen??
can you tell that i think it's important to share our stories?
because i do.
i think it's so very important to share our journeys with others.
we need to let pieces out, every once in a while, so people know we're real and authentic.
God made you who you are.
He hasn't made any mistakes on you.
i have made many mistakes... but that's ok.
all of my mistakes have pointed me back to the perfect one.
and in Him, i find my worth, my joy, my peace and my hope.
anyway... this was just short and sweet.
and to basically say, i'm still here!!
hi!  (i'm waving... but you can't see)
maybe i should do a vlog once... but maybe not.
i hate my voice!

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