Wednesday, December 16, 2009

10 years

our 10 year anniversary was 5 days ago on december 11th. i can hardly believe it's been 10 years already. i'm married to the very best man, chosen for me. sometimes it's so easy to neglect our relationship. to take for granted. when i do take the time to remember our wedding day, i'm filled with emotions. so many amazing moments. i remember vividly the first time we saw one another that day. it was just after noon and i had come to the photographer's studio to take pics, alone with m. he drove himself there, i was dropped off by my dad. i took my shoes off, took my cloak off and walked with anticipation into the studio. i could hear him chatting with the photographer. i walked around the corner and our eyes met. the photographer kindly left the room for us to have a moment by ourselves. it was magical. we just stood there, so excited about the day. chatting about how surreal it was. we were so in love. we're still in love. maybe i don't always show it... maybe there isn't as much glitz and glamour (although what kind of glitz and glamour was there then? maybe just lest wrinkles and more hair -- for one of the parties involved)... maybe our life currently revolves around 3 people who are less than 4 feet tall. ;) we're now more in love today than we were then. we've endured much and fallen deeper in love with one another b/c of those hardships... and the good times also. we can only get closer as the years go by, as long as we stand by each other. i love you so much, m!! you were made for me, and i for you!
10 years... 5 houses... 4 vehicles... 3 beautiful girls... 2 platinum wedding bands... 1 amazing man... happy 10 year anniversary!!


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful story!
we are going on 4 years
of marriage and 6 years
since we met. i love that
you believe you were
made for each other.
i believe the same way
but its uncommon in
this cynical world.

i pray many more happy
years for you and maybe
one day, a boy! : ) i read
some of your other posts.
we knew what we were
having with our first (boy)
and i don't think i'll ever
want to find out again.

thank you for your sweet
comment. fernando
ortega's music is heavenly.

i tend to get a little chatty
in the comment department.

stephanie joy said...

go to town... i love it!
i read a ton of blogs, but don't have a ton reading mine. so a few longer comments here and there are more than welcome! ;)

thanks for the prayers!!

Emma said...

Beautiful post Steph. Happy 10th! We celebrated ours this year in May! It seems like forever ago and then at other times a blink of an eye.

I too am another believer in love and being chosen/made for another person. It took a few years to grow in our relationship but I can't imagine my life without Sean. He truly has become my best friend.

You and Mike are a beautiful couple, inside and out, and it is so evident that you treasure each other deeply. I love the saying life isn't lived in the big moments, it's the little ones, your day to day life, that impacts you the most. What a beautiful day to day life you are living!

Happy Anniversary!

Oh and Merry much fun are you going to have this year? I know N&N are soooo into Christmas this year and I assume K&K are too. I love being able to experience the magic of Christmas, that I remember so well as a child, through the eyes of my children. What a blessing.

love Emma

stephanie joy said...

yeah emma... the girls are SO pumped for christmas this year. we have a few gifts under the tree already and they are so excited! it is so much fun to watch them experience it all. we took them to see santa last night and it was the FIRST time there were no tears. ;) so that was a good thing!
that's right... you guys did celebrate 10 years in may. i kinda remember that. you guys went to mexico or something, right? we want to go away next year once H is bigger and i'll be done nursing. we'll see if she'll be done by then. ;) little k wasn't done 'til 22 months. he he!