Friday, December 18, 2009

back to my childhood

i just found one of the coolest downloads... this!
we used to have a polaroid when i was little and i LOVED using it! i remember going out into the yard and taking pictures of the most random things. i probably still have those polaroids somewhere in and admist all the junk i've rat packed all these years! ;) i also have some great polaroid shots of me when i was little. they are quite cute, if i do say so myself, but mostly because i look like little k in them. she found them and said, "look mommy, it's a picture of me with kitty. where is this kitty?" i should scan the pic so one can compare. i guess we have the same genes! :)
anyhow, i've already been having lots of fun with this download tonight!
check out the few i've already done:

look at my sweet family! we look like we're in the 70's, save for our fashions, i suppose.

i thought this little diddy looked kinda cute as a polaroid!

now this one totally looks ancient, doesn't it? i love it! my baby girl and i, circa 2009... although it could be a picture of my mom and me, circa 1979!
my two gals before heading to awana clubs one wednesday evening, on 'wacky hair night'.
oh sweetness... how i love this little face to bits and pieces!

there you have it... just a few shots now in polaroid form. how fun! download it and try it out for yourself. you won't be disappointed.
now, i wonder how they actually print out...

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