Saturday, April 3, 2010


easter is a special weekend. for one, it's a long weekend. hubby is home an extra day. how is it that one extra day can seem like a week? (in a good way, i might add) we have lots and lots of family time. i like that. chocolate. check. that is always a good thing, but doesn't necessarily give us the meaning of easter. for some, easter is just another holiday. look for the easter bunny, eat some of those most sought after chocolates, have a day off, then back to the grind. whatever that may be. but for others, myself included, it's probably the most important holiday of the entire year. more important than christmas. yes, christmas is the celebration of our saviour's birth, but the story doesn't end there. oh no. the story just gets better and better (don't take my word for it, that THIS word for it). it all culminates at easter. good friday, was sad, incredibly sad. Jesus died... on the cross... felt shame... humiliation... pain... rejection... suffering... heartache... every possible human emotion. He was buried, put in a tomb. but the story did not end there. 2 days later, when women mourning his death came to the tomb, it was empty. EMPTY! and no, no thief or robber took his body. it was empty because the Lord God raised Jesus up from the dead. He conquered death. He paid the price. and He did this all for me. for you. for all of us. this isn't something to take lightly. not in my opinion. i was born a sinner. nothing perfect in me, that's for sure. i should be condemned to die. live eternity in hell. but someone saved me. Jesus. He did it all for you and me. so that we can be redeemed and we can choose to go to heaven one day to live with Him and the father there. how amazing is that? and did you know this... this gift... it is FREE! and although it is free for the taking, it is worth much more than any priceless item here on earth. no matter who you are... rich, poor, sick, healthy, shunned, popular, short, tall, beautiful, retched, clean, unclean... you can be forgiven and live a life lead by Him. you will not escape troubles in this life. but i can guarantee you this... you will have peace. no matter what you face, you will be facing it with Jesus by your side. what an amazing gift. i am so thankful. and because of this thankfulness i cannot and will not be quiet. i will share my love and my heart. i may be ridiculed, laughed at or scorned but i know in my heart there is peace for Jesus' sake. so, as you enjoy those easter chocolates (i know i will!), and enjoy the new spring weather, remember the newness of life that Jesus can bring you.
Happy Easter everyone!

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Emma said...

Beautifully written post Steph! I agree with every word you wrote down and am so thankful that God gave His Son to die on the cross for my sin. I could never repay that but I don't have to or need you said it is a free gift and I am forever grateful. Thank you for reminding us of the true meaning of Easter. May God Bless you and your family always.

love Emma