Friday, April 30, 2010

little bitty

dear baby h,
you are so sweet. so kissable. so loveable. you are an absolute blessing to our lives. we can hardly remember life without you. and to think, your daddy was very happy to stop at just 2 babes. now he's smitten, beyond belief. as am i. did you know that when i fell pregnant, i was actually the scared one? there were some circumstances which made it a hard time to be pregnant (not so much for us, but for close ones around us). but we know the Lord had it in His plans from day 1. He knew we'd be a bit scared and nervous... and He also knew how quickly we'd fall in love with you. i felt you move the first time at one of our ultrasounds. we saw you swimming and waving and floating in the water. then i felt it. that familiar twinge. that tiny little tap, letting me know you were in there, sharing my space with me. i think that's when i started to really get excited. i started to bond, so to say. from then on, it was excitement waiting for you. however we were very patient. i enjoyed having you inside me. maybe because this time we knew it would be the last time. you were the last little person to live inside of my womb, sweet babe. and i treasured it. oh, did i treasure it. i rubbed you and spoke to you, sang to you. and you grew, and grew. when you came, it was also a surprise. a little late. who would have thought? two earlier babes and then you... late but perfect as can be! your timing was impeccable, you said. we have marveled at you every day since then. showing us what a miracle and gift you are. you sleep well during your naps and at night. you do the cutest thing. you suck your first finger. it is quite funny and we get comments on how sweet it is everywhere we go. for now we'll love on it, because it really is quite adorable... and we'll worry about the orthodontist bill another day. i do love to nurse you. it is our special time. although maybe more special for momma than for you. i've never had a 'cuddly' little nurser with any of you girls. you are no different than your sisters. get the job done quickly then back to play. but i try to prolong the sessions. looking into your blue eyes and trying to get a glimpse into the future. or is it into the past? trying to see what heaven was like before you came to us. this is what we tell your sisters where you were before you came to us. it passes as a reasonable explanation for them and really, we like to imagine you sitting up in heaven waiting for the right time to join our family. you have been a heaven sent addition. we're so thankful for you, little bitty. we will continue to enjoy you, pray for you, play with you, protect you from your obsessive sisters, cuddle you, kiss you, hug you, smell you, change you, carry you and so much more. you are our baby. thanks be to God for blessing us immeasurably!


a few of your six month pictures:

Monday, April 26, 2010


to live content with small means

to seek elegance rather than luxury,

and refinement rather than fashion

to be worthy, not respectable,

and wealthy, not rich

to listen to stars and birds,

babes and sages, with open heart

to study hard,

to think quietly,

act frankly,

talk gently,

await occasions, hurry never

in a word, to let the spiritual,

unbidden and unconscious,

grow up through the common

-this is my symphony

William Ellery Channing

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Our roots say we're sisters, our hearts say we're friends.
~Author Unknown

Saturday, April 3, 2010


easter is a special weekend. for one, it's a long weekend. hubby is home an extra day. how is it that one extra day can seem like a week? (in a good way, i might add) we have lots and lots of family time. i like that. chocolate. check. that is always a good thing, but doesn't necessarily give us the meaning of easter. for some, easter is just another holiday. look for the easter bunny, eat some of those most sought after chocolates, have a day off, then back to the grind. whatever that may be. but for others, myself included, it's probably the most important holiday of the entire year. more important than christmas. yes, christmas is the celebration of our saviour's birth, but the story doesn't end there. oh no. the story just gets better and better (don't take my word for it, that THIS word for it). it all culminates at easter. good friday, was sad, incredibly sad. Jesus died... on the cross... felt shame... humiliation... pain... rejection... suffering... heartache... every possible human emotion. He was buried, put in a tomb. but the story did not end there. 2 days later, when women mourning his death came to the tomb, it was empty. EMPTY! and no, no thief or robber took his body. it was empty because the Lord God raised Jesus up from the dead. He conquered death. He paid the price. and He did this all for me. for you. for all of us. this isn't something to take lightly. not in my opinion. i was born a sinner. nothing perfect in me, that's for sure. i should be condemned to die. live eternity in hell. but someone saved me. Jesus. He did it all for you and me. so that we can be redeemed and we can choose to go to heaven one day to live with Him and the father there. how amazing is that? and did you know this... this gift... it is FREE! and although it is free for the taking, it is worth much more than any priceless item here on earth. no matter who you are... rich, poor, sick, healthy, shunned, popular, short, tall, beautiful, retched, clean, unclean... you can be forgiven and live a life lead by Him. you will not escape troubles in this life. but i can guarantee you this... you will have peace. no matter what you face, you will be facing it with Jesus by your side. what an amazing gift. i am so thankful. and because of this thankfulness i cannot and will not be quiet. i will share my love and my heart. i may be ridiculed, laughed at or scorned but i know in my heart there is peace for Jesus' sake. so, as you enjoy those easter chocolates (i know i will!), and enjoy the new spring weather, remember the newness of life that Jesus can bring you.
Happy Easter everyone!