Thursday, February 3, 2011

birthday extravaganza!

one thing i love about my daughters' birthdays is the fact that they are all spread out throughout the calendar year.  it is a blessing to have a few months to prepare for each one, and rest up (recover?) after each one as well.  my eldest, big K, is lucky to be an 'older' baby.  i was SO excited when i was pregnant with her that she was going to be born in january.  she'd be one of the oldest ones in her class once she went to school.  being a later baby myself (september), i was thrilled that our first born would probably not struggle when she began school.  my prediction was right, big K is great at school, both academically and socially.  she is at the top of her class, enjoys everything about school (except for the bus on cold days), and can't wait to get to grade 2... and grade 3... and grade 4... well, you get the picture.

anyhow, back to her birthday, her 7th birthday to be exact (am i really old enough to have a 7 year old?  don't answer that!)... she was born on one of the coldest days of the year, january 25, 2004.  it was something like -50 celsius with windchill?!  yeah... cold.  each year it is frigid on her birthday (obviously so b/c we almost live at the north pole) but that doesn't chill our hearts... it's the perfect time to celebrate a birthday.  smack dab between christmas and spring.  who doesn't need a bit of cheer at this time of year?  we love it!  so here are a few pictures from her birthday parties (yes, parties... one with strictly family, and the other, a friend party).  this year's theme: BARBIE!!!  :)

opening up presents the morning of her birthday from omi and opi (my mom and dad)
 i think this was the first year that she was genuinely excited about getting clothes.  a sign she's growing up, i guess.  :(
 she even got a sweet charm bracelet!
 blowing out her mini cake that night, after eating home made pizza (requested by her).
 napkins from her party.
 plates from her party.
 the meal set up... chilli!  perfect for a freezing cold day.  i made two different kinds, a stewed beef tomato based chilli and a white chilli with white kidney beans and chicken.  both were excellent!
 all the fixin's.
mmmm... my mother in law graciously offered to bake home made buns to go with the chilli.  i must have eaten 3 or 4!  oy!  (they are SO hard to resist when they're fresh baked, i swear!)
 need a little pep for your chilli?
mmmmm... the red chilli.  who doesn't love a little fresh cilantro?
numero 7!  this year kaia wanted an all chocolate cake.  delivered!
 me and my sweetpea!
 opening more presents.  another zhu zhu?!  "but this one is PURPLE, mom!!"
 the next day kaia and daddy made the awesome lego house she got from her cousins.  (don't you love the little lego lady hanging out of the skylight on the top?)
now, for big K's friend bday party she requested ice cream sundaes.
whaddya think?  ok enough toppings?
mmmmmmm.... i had to keep little K's paws off these treats!
aw.... i had to take a picture of my house b/c of how clean it was.  sigh...
oh yes... the k girls... dancing while they're waiting for guests to arrive!
oh, and posing with the balloons!
first we did a craft, made little necklaces (tutorial to come in a day or two).
funny face girl with her necklace.
party games!

opening gifts.  with all those little girls there were NO doubles!  can you believe it?

kaia's sundae.  chocked full of EVERYTHING!  surprise, surprise!
singing happy birthday!

so, there you have it!  my big girl's birthday celebrations.  another year older, another year brighter, another year full of fun!  what a blessing she is in my life!  love you sweetpea!!!

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