Friday, February 4, 2011

vday decor

the girls and i were feeling like we've been shot by cupid's arrow so we decided to do a little valentine's craft (who am i kidding... i just wanted to make them stop fighting and so i pulled out the paper, tape and ribbons).  ha ha!  we got started on a simple craft of cutting out hearts.

first we went through my paper and found all the heart day colored sheets.  pink, red... yup, that'll do!

 then we began to cut out hearts in the easy peasy tried and true fashion... folding paper in half and cutting out half hearts!  look at what we were left with:
 and lots of these cuties!!
some of them weren't perfect...
 but they were from the heart, so to speak.  ;)
 big k liked mixing and matching them up.
no word of a lie, while we were cutting out hearts, my loverboy returned home from work with these beauties:
 ain't he sweet?!  out of nowhere!!  i love that man!
ok, back to the craft. 
so, we were left with a big ole pile of hearts.  all shapes and sizes.
 then i cut out different lengths of ribbon and just attached it to the back of the hearts with tape.
you may be wondering what my little cherub was doing throughout the process?  why, watching tv of course.  isn't that what all 16 month old babies love to do?  no?  only mine?
 i then proceeded to hang the hearts from our kitchen widow sill.  aren't they ridiculously adorbs?
look you can even see me in the reflection!!!  ha ha!
 cute hanging hearts with a messy craft covered kitchen table.

now go out and spread the love, people!!

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