Monday, April 11, 2011

kindergarten here we come...

ok, technically not quite yet...
but we did get to take little k to school for a kindergarten 'open house' last week.
it was like a little date night with just mama, daddy and middle baby.
it was kind-of fun... just the three of us.
that doesn't happen too often although we're trying harder to carve out individual time with each girl.
so, off we went to big sister's school to check things out.

look how excited she was, skipping away!

she was very happy to see a couple of her friends from church and preschool.
although there are 4 different kindergarten classes, so we have no idea if she'll be with any of them. :(
for now we won't tell her that and we'll let her stay just like this...

each child got split up into different color groups.
little k was in the purple group (how fitting!) and this was their time in the library hearing a story.

we had to wait for another group to finish their bus ride.
this is what patiently waiting looks like.

they learnt to not step over the yellow line waiting for the bus.

waiting for our turn for a little bus ride around the block.

guess who chose the VERY first row?

listening to the bus driver explain the rules of the bus.
do you think she'll be an obedient passenger?

a typical face from my girl when there's any flash involved.  ha!
can you believe the 3 of us fit in one little bus seat?

right before we left i had to get a little shot of her in the hallway.
ain't she a doll face?!

i can't believe my 2nd child is going to kindergarten in the fall.
it seems like just yesterday she was born.
i thought sending a 2nd one would be easier than the first time around but it certainly isn't.
i'm gonna miss my time with this little one.  :(
she's my little cuddle buddy, so affectionate and likes to help me with everything.
it's gonna be a lot quieter once she's gone.
thankfully it'll only be 1/2 days and i know she's more than ready to go.
that's the only thing that makes it good.
she's SO thrilled to finally go to big school too.
at least she won't be crying and missing me as much as i'll be crying and missing her.
such is life!
it'll just be a new normal.
now don't even begin to talk to me about how it'll be when i send #3!


Jami Nato said...

i'm going to cry when my littles go to kindergarten this year. boo.

Pamichen said...

awww...she's growing up and that's okay. She forever is your sweet Kaybs. Growing up is exciting...imagine how mom feels watching you have babies going into kindergarten? Amazing!! xoxoxxo