Tuesday, April 5, 2011

coming back to the land of the living...

ok, so i got sick.
very, very sick.
it was gross.
it was painful.
it was like being in he**.
it started out with crazy amounts snot.
(nope... i'm not gonna sugar coat anything... i'm just gonna THROW it all out there like that.)
i was blowing my nose like crazy all last weekend and through the week.
i knew a sinus infection was a brewin'.
i'm just prone to them, i guess?
anyhow, i knew it was coming.
sure enough, by tuesday and wednesday i was getting the tell tale signs.
dark snot (#1 of course), pain in my sinuses, bad headache, toothache, and the list goes on.
i neti-potted like mad.
didn't do the trick.
usually it works great.
but this time i was so clogged up that the water went no where.
so i looked online to try and find 'natural' solutions to sinus infections.
one of the most popular remedies involved apple cider vinegar.
specifically braggs brand and With The Mother.
whatever that means?
ever heard of it?!
i found hundreds of people commenting on how it was the miracle cure!!
i thought, "oh my word!  i need to get me some apple cider vinegar!  i'm gonna feel better right away!"
picked it up... put 2 tbsp in a cup of hot water and added a tsp of honey for flavor.
it tasted like... well... i won't write what it tasted like.
i'll just say it was bad.
real gross like!
i did it not once but TWICE on wednesday evening.
guess what?!
didn't work.
of course.
i'm one of those people that it does dick all for.
oh well.
i probably should have done it more the next day but the thought of it revolted me.
i just couldn't.
so, my sinus infection got worse.
not only that, but i contracted the flu bug that had already ravaged through the k girls.
and my ear started to hurt.
went to the ER at 5:30am on thursday.
the doctor there was mean and surly.
it was a she.
give me a break lady!
i'm not here for a good time.  honestly!
she said "it's probably viral" and gave me a post dated prescription to take in 10 days.
10 days?!?  jeez... i felt i'd be in a coma in 10 days.
so i went home.
slept, fevered, slept, let the kids make a mess in the house, slept, fevered, oh, and blew my nose a TON!
this is what my garbage can looked like:
lovely, huh?
next morning, friday, i got woken up by my phone at 2:30am.
my clients called.
oh great!  what timing!
her water broke.
oh jeez!  not today!!!!  of all days... not today!!!!!
i met them at the hospital around 5:30am.
i wasn't sleeping anyway b/c my ear hurt so dang bad so i thought i'd check up on them.
not much was happening but i hung out there anyway.
shortly after, i walked dragged myself down to the ER b/c i knew my glorious doctor neighbor (he's awesome) was working.
i snagged him away to look in my ear... he said, "middle ear infection.  you need antibiotics ASAP!"
got my drugs, went back to my clients and stayed with them.
tried to do my best... but it wasn't good enough.
i had to call my back up to take over.
they were sad but totally understood i was in no shape to support them.
when she finally arrived just after noon i went straight home.
i started popping the T3's and went to bed.
oh, my bed...
full of extra blankets and 3 piled high pillows.
it was my sanctuary... and it was my prison, all in one.
i needed to be there, and only there, but i hated it too.
the rest of the day/night was a bit of a blur b/c i was seriously drugged out trying to avoid all the ear pain.
it was some of the most horrific pain i've been in, besides labour.
not kidding!
after a couple of days on antibiotics, i'm feeling much better.
although my ear plugged up a few days ago and it hasn't popped yet.
it's one of the most annoying things EVER!
i get such a headache from hearing myself talk all day.
plus there's ringing in my ears.
plus, the side effects from my drugs are ridiculous.
metallic taste in my mouth.  eww!
severe headaches.
dizziness.  hello... i'm drunk, it seems!
BUT, but... at least the severe pain is gone.
praise the Lord!
hopefully soon i'll be 100% better.
it's been a gong show around here.
my house became a total wreck.
well, the weather is warming up, at least so i ought to do some spring cleaning anyway.
the key will be... what can i delegate to my children.
hello child labour!
LOVE it!

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