Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIWW numero tres

linking up to WIWW again!
ok... how much longer can i do these?
they feel like they come every day, not once a week.
i guess that's what happens when you're not that regular of a blogger?
oh well...
maybe i just have to do them once a month?
i took some pics this week so i have to put them up.
problem is... i don't even remember where i wore these outftits?

here goes...

no idea where i wore this?
somewhere last week:
cardi -- anthropologie
coral tee -- abercrombie (this thing is ancient old!)
yellow tank -- target
jeans -- jacob
boots -- nordstrom rack
necklace -- banana republic outlet

oh yeah, i wore this to get my haircut on the weekend:
cardi -- anthro (man, do i wear the same things all the time and just not realize it?!)
green tank -- target
navy layering tank -- old navy
jeans -- BCBG from saks off 5th
boots -- nordstrom rack
necklace -- forever 21

wore this to church on sunday:
cardigan -- hand me down from sister in law
black tee -- target
skirt -- forever 21 (bought after seeing lindsey sporting it on her WIWW)
tights -- sirens
boots -- aldo
necklace -- forever 21

ok, keeping it REAL here, folks!
pjs -- victoria's secret
old man sweater -- bluenotes
bad hair, no make up -- blame it on our sick household!!!!

ok, so i don't know about too many others... but i enjoy clicking on the other girls that linked up to WIWW.
i like to get fresh ideas on how to pair this with that.
i am kinda known for keeping clothing items for a LONG, LONG time.
i don't purge as much as i should.
but, in saying that, it's fun to find an old top and realize that it's kinda in style again 10 years later.
sooooo... i can't always tell you where to get a certain item that i'm wearing, b/c it was probably sold years upon years ago.
but hopefully it can just give you the go ahead to try whatever you got!
that's all i do!
have fun, clothing mavens!
and LINK up!!!!


Anonymous said...

cute outfits. post on your terms or you'll burn out. : )

Frenchy said...

I have the same...Lots of old clothes and they come back in style. LOL
LOVE all your outfits ! you are a gorgeous girl...Oh you don't want to see me in the mornings dropping the kids off. LOL
Jammies...Glasses and hair all over the place..but i don't care :)
Would love some fashionista following back love :)

Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat. said...

I love to see what others are wearing too, gives me fun ideas. You look adorable!


the pleated poppy said...

i love the way you wore that skirt! i need to try new ways! thanks for linking up!

Karri said...

cute cute cute!!! i love them all (hey - you even pull off PJs). i love that anthro cardi.

Jordan said...

I love that forever 21 skirt, so pretty!