Tuesday, March 1, 2011


so, my in laws decided to finish out their basement (their home is only about 4 years old) and they wanted to make a cute little playroom underneath the stairs.  you know the type?  sloped ceiling... tight little space... cozy.  any child's dream!  i was thrilled for my girls that they'd have this magical place to play at their nana and papa's house.  all their fun little toys fit perfectly in there.
my mother in law asked if i would feel comfortable painting somewhat of a mural on the wall for the girls.  feeling a little overwhelmed but excited none the less, i said yes.  turns out... it was pretty easy and lots of fun.  now remember, i've never considered myself an artiste but this was just something i was able to do for the enjoyment of my daughters.  as long as they like it, it's alright, right?  (ha!  at least that's what i tell myself!)  

first i sketched out what i wanted to paint on a piece of paper and got all my paints and brushes together.
next i freehanded on the wall with pencil.
 the nice thing about pencil is that the paint would cover it up fairly easily.
 and if i was using a lighter color paint, i would just erase the pencil marks.
now came the process of slowly painting in the hand drawn picture.  
course this was also the fun part!
picking paint colors, mixing paint colors and making the picture come to life, so to speak!
 always have to do a couple of self portraits along the way!
 check out my awesome painting clothes!
 and here are the 'after' shots.  
i'm basically done.  
just need to do some grey outlining of the clouds and add a few more fish into the water.

 each little girl has their own window and portrait of themselves.
 and if you look real close at the tree, you can even see initials carved.
one for nana and papa, one for mommy and daddy and the other for auntie m and uncle d!
i just need to finish off the little dog and mouse too.
it's not perfect, that i know.
it's not fancy, that i know.
it's not professional, that i really know.
(and it's not quite done, that i know as well!)
but it's cute, if you ask me, and my girls love it.
so really, that's all that matters!
and if they hate it in a few years, it's always easy to paint right over!  ha!

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