Sunday, March 27, 2011

embellished tees

i needed a quick project.
felt the need to create.
a need to use up some beautiful material.
but it had to be small scale.
when it comes to projects, i'm kinda known to start with ferver...
only to fizzle out and abandon ship.
i have lots of half finished crafts in my home.
that's why tiny little tutes... are great for me!  :)

i picked up some el cheapo tanks and a t-shirt for the girls from superstore.
can't go wrong with adorable $5 tops, non?
then i went to my mother in law's house and got to work.
(always nice when the kids can run to nana when they need something instead of always to mama)

first, i went through all the fabric...
oh, fabric, fabric, glorious fabric!
i'm known for just buying fat quarter after fat quarter.
 all these colors make my heart sing!!

 then i chose a few different kinds and put which fabric i wanted with each tee/tank.

now on to the work of cutting.

for big K's top, i chose to cut up little flowers.
i just free handed one flower and then used it as a 'template' to cut out all the others.

then i laid them all out on the tees they were to be used on.

here are all three:

ok, now the fun part... sewing!
i first made ruffles by sewing with a straight stitch right down the middle of the piece of fabric.
then i pulled the bottom thread to gather the fabric together.
i then tacked down the edges when i knew it was how i wanted it.
then i sewed the ruffle right onto the tank top.

with this one, i made three ruffles (a bit wider that the first) in the same way as before.
then sewed them in a straight line right onto this top.

then i arranged the flowers in a specific way, different colors on top to the t-shirt.
then my mother in law sewed them down onto the top.

here's how baby H's turned out:

 and here she is modelling it!  :) doesn't it look great over top zip up pajamas?

here is little K's tank top.
i love the ruffle detail in coordinating fabrics!

and here is this little peanut modelling the top over pj bottoms!!
don't you love how kids dress at nana's house?
and here is big K's t-shirt.
i wanted her a little bit different so i did the flowers.
i think they'll only look cuter once washed and worn a bit.

of course the day i took this picture it was pajama day at school and so she too was wearing pj's.
although if you know us well, the girls are always wearing pajamas at home and at nana and papa's.

maybe i can get this little one into sewing one day too!!!

ain't she a cutie patootie?!

well, my friends... this was easy peasy... what will you embellish next?!

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Pamichen said...

Cuuute tops! Great work. You are a waaay better sewer than me. xo