Thursday, March 3, 2011

we went to disney on ice

 or rather, disney on ice came right to us!  (as you'll soon see)

this past weekend we were privileged to take the two older girls to see disney on ice.
we received 4 tickets to the show at christmas from m's sister and brother and law, the girls' aunt and uncle.
getting these tickets was a very big deal because the girls had been asking for weeks to go.
(this is after hearing countless ads on the radio and seeing them on tv over and over again)
auntie m and uncle d to the rescue!!!!!
so we safely tucked the tickets away for a couple of months until last friday night we pulled them out!
it was time!

leaving town for the big city!

since we didn't have a ton of time, fast food it was.
luckily the girls were keen on timmy ho's and m and i gorged on wendy's.

mmmm... greasy new sea salt fries.
good for the tummy... and the waist line!  

i should have taken a cue from the girls who chose soup and a roll from timmy's.

of course we ended our meal with donuts!
can you even go into tim hortons without getting a chocolate dip?!
i certainly can't.

parking underground is always a treat in the dead of winter.
the girls were pumped to leave their jackets in the car.  
so was i!  
of course then i didn't have as much room to sneak in all sorts of snacks from home.

this girl skipped everywhere.
are you surprised?

ok so this is where the story gets really good.
we really don't have an idea where are seats are.
so we're looking at our tickets and soon realize that we have floor seats!
friggin' floor seats!!!
you've got to be kidding me.
and no, this isn't something my failing eyes seemed to notice way back in december.
we find the area in which to descend down to the floor seats and you know those ushers that don't ever allow you onto the floor during an event?
well, as we're walking down the stairs, i notice that i totally know the usher who's gonna let us down!
maybe i could have gotten us on the floor without the floor seat tickets?!
well, probably not.
but it was a good laugh with usher clint, my old working buddy, that we were definitely VIP that night!
and to top things off... we were in the FIRST row, right in the middle!  
seriously... THE best seats.
the best ones!

this picture is taken right when we walked onto the floor.

here's another one of the girls posing quickly for a photo before the show.
as you can see, big k is very uncomfortable because she assumed she wasn't allowed to sit on this thing.
m and i just laughed and said, "it's not a big deal.  no one is going to get mad at you.  just SIT down!"
ah yeah... during intermission m wanted to get a picture with both girls sitting there too.
what do you think happened?
old friend usher clint told us to get off! "sorry, you guys can't sit on there!"
ha ha ha ha!
i laughed so hard.
that is so clint... apologizing to us when we're the ones doing something wrong.
so i guess my 'little miss follow the rules' was right this time.  ;)

 ah pumba!
who doesn't like the fartin' warthog?!
especially up close and personal!

minnie's little ole behind!
i could almost pinch it!

oooh, the sexy daughters of triton!

aw yeah... back it up, baby! 

sebastian... confusing and creepy?  yes.

i think ariel is a little weirded out that she's bigger than her crabby friend.

oh my gosh, these guys here in the front with the starfish outfits on?
SO funny!
they could hardly skate with those costumes on.  
i couldn't stop laughing because i kept expecting them to fall.

ha ha!  there they are again in the back!
oh, and i should make mention... one of those jelly fish guys was totally hitting on m.
i tell you no lie!
he skated over close a few times and i could have sworn he winked at him!

and well, i couldn't leave out a picture of eric.
i mean, look at him...
dashing or what?
(or not... you can agree with me)

and then the ever cute lilo and stitch.

they were great!  little lilo was adorbs!

see where we were sitting?
WE were the people that everyone else in the arena watches because the characters keep coming out right by us, touching us and interacting with us.
V... I... P!
i told ya!

we wouldn't be VIP without hitting up the gift store, yo!
ummmm... but $22 for a hideous ariel doll (which i can buy for $7 from walmart) ain't gonna happen.
sorry mini v.i.p.'s!

daddy talking her out of the ridiculously priced hat and t-shirt.
(i know, i know... we're SO mean!)

really?  $24 for this ugly hat? and a whopping $8 for this junky pen?!?!

leaving empty handed from the kiosk.
she doesn't look too mad, does she?
(that's what floor seats will do to ya!)

well, i guess we have to get them something.
we didn't have to pay for tickets, so i guess we'll shell out some cash.
the foamy molded flounder hat/cotton candy combo will suffice.
a mere ten bones for these.
(on a side note... if you really want to get these hats, i can guarantee which garage sale you'll find them in this spring!!)

some more of the characters, up close and personal!

smee... yeah, he was kinda creepy too.
he had this weird plastic face mask thing on.
and he kept making eyes at the women.  ewwww!
then he came right out by us and the rubbed the lady's head that was beside m.
SO glad he didn't do that to me!!

um, does this look wrong to you?
my eyes are bugging out of my head looking at this picture!

certainly, i can't end it on that hideous picture above.
so i'll end here... me and my two oldest girlies!
(do i actually look THAT tired and old in this picture?  oy!)
i love them so much!
we had such a lovely, fun and magical evening!
thank you again, m and d!!!  love you guys!!


Pamichen said...

looks like you guys had the funnest day ever! Auntie M and Uncle D rock!! There are some creepy kooks in that show...but how else can cartoons look in real life? ;o)
Glad it was so special for everyone. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Do you have the flounder hats? I am making a Halloween costume and would LOVE to take one off your hands. You can email me at