Thursday, March 24, 2011

i'm tired

yup... today i'm officially tired.
where is that pesky thesaurus?
although i don't need any more words that mean the same thing.
that would just be even more tiring! ha!
so, yeah, i'm just tired.
there is lots on my mind right now and because of that, i'm not sleeping at night.
don't you hate that?
all day long you're looking forward to your bed...
only to lay down and then be WIDE awake for the rest of the night?

this is me... in all my sleepy glory right now.
as soon as i'm done this post, it's down for a nap for i.

i helped out at preschool this morning in little k's class.
ok, i felt like such a dweeb.
playing with the kids...
then yawning like a total loser.
and over...
i'm sure the teachers were like, "what is UP with that mom?"
i couldn't help myself.
i also kept disrupting the class during circle time with my nose blowing.
pesky runny nose.

do i look younger when i do this?
can you notice my wrinkles less?

how 'bout when i do this?
are the bags under my eyes less prominent?!

i always wondered why my mom would make faces like this in the mirror when i was little.
being the 3rd child of three... and now a mother of 3 myself, i now know.
cheers to all those tired out there.
maybe tonight i'll need to pop some nytol to help me get some zzzzzzz's.

1 comment:

Pamichen said...

I have baggy eyelids and'll get 'em too! mwah ha ha ha! But you'll STILL be gorgeous!!! xoxoxoxoxo