Tuesday, March 15, 2011

thrift store find

i'm always checking out the local thrift store for hidden treasures.
you never know what you're going to find.
and better yet... you never know what kind of deal you're going to score on that find!
such fun!
a few weeks back i spotted a great urn.
it was ceramic though and i wondered if i had to go and paint it and then get it professionally 'baked' in a kiln of some sort.
i kinda wheeled and dealed and got them to put the price down.
it was originally marked at $24 and i got it for $15.
i was thrilled because you can easily find similar pieces in magazines and home stores for much higher prices.
you see inspiration with these kinds of ceramics everywhere now, like here.
i thought, what the heck, let's buy it and try with some good old spray paint.
if it doesn't work out, then i only wasted $15 and some spray paint.
i'm happy to report that it did indeed work out.
here's a couple of before pics that i snapped after i already primed the piece.

i forgot to take a picture before i primed.
someone had penciled all sorts of floral designs, obviously with intention to paint it onto the piece.
sorry about just priming all over your artwork!

here's the spray paint i used.
i had both the bright blue and the glossy yellow... i chose the yellow for this piece.
another day i'll post a picture of what i pained blue!  ;)

i probably did about 3 coats, to make sure i covered all of my priming.
although you can see some drip lines if you look closely, i'm pretty happy with the overall look.
it was exactly how i imagined it to be.

there you have it!
another frugal decor item!

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Shauna at The Reed Life said...

i love this! love the color! and the vision.