Wednesday, March 2, 2011


we've had a rough couple of days with baby h.
she has been cranky as all get out.
did she sense that aunt flo was coming to see mama or what?!
what a perceptive little baby, she is!
today she's finally acting more like herself.
(as in, she can finally walk around on her own without screaming bloody murder and throwing a tantrum because i'm NOT carrying her!  ay yi yi!  kids these days!)

lookie what baby found for her pretty face!

this ones, ummm, a little more serious?  ha!

oh yeah, she's stylin'!
even with her schnotta nose and all!

 "here mommy...  you try!"

ok, what the hey!

 "give them back, mommy!!!!!"

"ok, let's see... let's put these puppies back on MY eyes!"

 "yeah, that's better!"

 let's give little k a try because technically, they're hers.

and well, daddy came home for lunch, so i guess he'll give them a try too!

1 comment:

deborah said...

hahaha, *daddy* can rock some sunnies, but all the girls look much cuter;)