Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WIWW #2 pour moi

what the heck?!
didn't i just do one?
holy moly... what did i get myself into?
finding the time to photograph my outfits was kind of funny.
M kept laughing at me and asking, "what on earth are you doing?"
plus, i had to keep changing my lens b/c my fixed lens is far too close to take a full body shot, even if it's from the mirror.
so that was kinda of annoying.
plus, i'm kind of always in a hurry.

ok, here goes...

lunch at mcd's:
long sleeve tee -- target
stripped layering tank -- old navy
zip up short sleeve hoody -- hand me down from sis in law!  it's lucky brand.
scarf -- la senza
jeans -- true religion
boots -- ugg (a staple around these parts!!)
(don't you love my babe underfoot?  she thought it'd be fun to climb up on the stool too)

and here's my necklace -- the vintage pearl
it has all three girls' names on it.

sweater/vest -- forever 21
embellished t-shirt -- forever 21
layering blush tank top -- jcrew
jeans -- jacob
boots -- ugg (what did i tell you?)
accessories -- forever 21, american eagle

client meeting:
sweater -- anthropologie
grey t-shirt -- gap
grey layering tank top -- old navy
jeans -- paige premium denim from aritzia
necklace -- sage and oliva
bracelet -- forever 21

my busy day... carpool, coffee date, dance class, etc.
jacket -- H&M (seriously... like 5 years ago)
stripped tank top -- old navy
jeans -- true religion
necklace -- sage and olivia

oh yeah... and here is me this morning!
actually... this is me EVERY morning!!!
frumpy pj's covered up with my most comfy housecoat from victoria's secret!


deborah said...

loving your style, though you didn't mention your little leg accessory in the first pic:)

Vera said...

I love the H&M jacket with the striped tank!

Ashley said...

Love the second outfit and of course the bathrobe! I have one post of me in a bathrobe. Hehehehe. Too funny! Visiting from WIWW. :)

Jodi said...

I really, really love your outfits! Worth the lens change I think :)