Saturday, March 19, 2011

sundried tomatoes, asparagus and italian sausage cream pasta

i made a great meal the other night, if i do say so myself.
just kinda made it up.
i may have been the only one in the house that truly appreciated it, but that's ok.
M and the girls don't really like anything out of the 'ordinary'.
the only veggies my girls will eat happen to be broccoli, edamame beans and corn.
you see, my kids and my husband aren't huge foodies.
but i am...
so i'll continue to cook dishes like this and hope that my family will one day savour it with me.  ;)

first, the ingredients:
-hot italian sausage
-fresh asparagus
-sundried tomatoes (blanche for 2 minutes in boiling water first, dry and then chop up)
-half and half cream (you could use lighter cream, if you're worried about calories/fat intake)
-fettuccine noodles
(yes, i know i have red bell pepper in the picture but i ended up omitting it)

fry up your sausage and cook up the asparagus in a separate pan.

add the asparagus and tomatoes to the sausage and put in some pesto.

add about 1-1 1/2 cups of cream and mix all together.

 simmer on low for a few minutes until warmed and sauce is thickened.

meanwhile, boil and prepare your fettuccine, according to directions.

drain pasta, add to sauce mixture.

then call your kids to the table...
and make them mad that you didn't make hotdogs or pizza!
"ewwwwwww... what is this, mommy?!?"

enjoy all the great leftovers for lunch the following day!
(seriously, it tasted just as great the next day)


danielle @ take heart said...

oh em gee. my mouth is watering, NEED this. my hubby will love me for making it and i will love you for sharing it ;)

stephanie joy said...

it was delish... enjoy!! :)

Pamichen said...

hee hee...Kaia's face! Did Mike enjoy it too?? ;op