Tuesday, March 22, 2011

embroidery hoop art -- everyone else is doing it... so why shouldn't i?

yes, everyone else seems to be doing these hoop art pieces.
look here, here and here.  oops... i did that one too!
so, i thought, what the heck, let's do another?
this one to keep myself.
i love little projects.
give me a project that i can finish in a day and i'm a happy camper!
a chance to get my creative juices flowing!
nothing's better!
so this little project was perfect!
(do you think i used enough exclamation points?!!!!!!!!!!! <---------i know, i know.  now i'm just being obnoxious)

i don't have a picture of the hoop before... but, obvs you just get yourself an embroidery hoop.
you can find them usually at any fabric/crafting store.
i knew i wanted to incorporate a bird of some sort (b/c if you know me, you know i love ANYTHING with birds... except the real thing -- i.e. a real live bird.  ewwww!)
so i drew a couple of bird shapes on construction paper, picked my favorite one, and cut it out.

then i ever so lightly, traced the pattern on the fabric i wanted to use.
(this is an excellent way to use up those scraps you've been holding on to)

voila!  a tiny bird!!
isn't he cute?!

next, i went through my fabric stash (well, my mother in law's stash) and found this yellow, happy stuff.

i then cut out a piece and put it in my hoop... and stuck a cute crocheted doily in there too.
thank you, thrift store... only 10 cents a piece!

i laid them out, and put some iron on transfer behind my little old birdie to help keep it in place.
then i tacked down the doily so it wouldn't move.

i don't have pictures of myself embroidering but i stitched around the bird and made a little 'hi'.

i think it turned out pretty darn cute!
thank you easy peasy project!

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