Friday, March 11, 2011


about a week ago i was making lunch for little k.
a simple bowl of soup and some fresh brown bread.
she really wanted to use a placemat.
then i remembered i had these little place 'mats' from when i was a kid.
i hauled them out (thank goodness for being a bit of a hoarder, huh?) and set one up for her.
it was like i was instantly transformed back to MY childhood.
i felt like i was sitting at my kitchen table, eating lunch and listening to my mom and my omi and opi visit.
i feel like i can taste and see what i'm eating too...
a salami sandwich made with german rye bread and a cup of hot sweet brewed tea in a glass teacup.
i felt such a wave of nostalgia that i couldn't help but capture it through new eyes.

i have another couple of them too.
good thing i was able to snag 3 from my mom.
now i have 1 for each of my girls!
this was the one that little k used.
it was my absolute favorite one.
when i was little i used to think that the hankie the little girl was holding was a little tattered bunny blankie.
i'm not sure why but that is how i saw it.

i try to declutter things from time to time but i'm sure glad i've been able to hang onto these treasures!


Pamichen said...

uh...yeah...snagger! ;op
So sweet...Kaybs as wee Stephie. ;o) I loved those is such nostalgia. I can taste the thick German hard to bite through! lol xoxox

Shelley said...

oh wow I had the same placemats growing up ! you just triggered so many wonderful memories !

Cindy said...

Hi there,
Popping in from Hello From the glad I did. Those place mats took me way back! Reminded me of my old Hobby Hobbies. The ones with the blue dresses and bonnets. Those are seriously too pretty to be hiding away. My three little girls would love having meals on those every day.
Have a happy night