Tuesday, March 29, 2011

spring break bust

well, maybe not quite yet as it's only tuesday but
it's been one of these days...

my poor baby!
sick as a dog on the couch.
she threw up all night long and today she's just plain tired (so is her mommy) and has a fever to boot.

so this is all she's done this morning, save for a short bath to clean her up.

we were supposed to go spring/summer clothing shopping and head to the museum for the afternoon.
now we're stuck at home. :(
and since i'm feeling under the weather too, with my sinus infection (oh JOY),
this little bitty is getting a bit neglected.
can you tell in her face?!

so she makes her own fun... going around and pulling all the rubber ends off the door stopper.

this little girl is actually quite excited to have some time to play on her own.
so, i'll just leave her be in her room...
unless i need her to change bitty's diaper or something. ha!

this is what all the beds look like:

(this one is stripped and being washed because of the said puke from the night before)

and this is the result of my sinus infection....
using up a TON of these!
(don't worry... i won't go into great detail about what is showing up in those tissues)

so, to end this post on a positive note, let's see what i found in the garage on the weekend!
yippee kai-yay!!!
it's my new cruiser!
it was my bday/christmas gift and now it's finally here at home!
after much shopping i finally found this one that fits me to a tee!
we got it ordered, here in our little town no less, and then M went to pick it up.
i already went on one tiny cruise.
can't wait to go all summer long!
now i needs me a little one of these.
ooooh... and maybe one of these to go in it!!
it's this kind of stuff that's getting me through this day.
off to finish some laundry.

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Pamichen said...

Nice cruiser! c'est belle!
Sorry about the kiddies...they'll be better soon. Museum is always there. xo