Wednesday, July 18, 2012


confession... i have fear about what's in the future.
i have fear that some terrible thing is going to happen.
i have fear that there will be something that is horrible that i can't control.
that i can't take away.
i have fear that someone in my life that i love will become very sick.
God forbid... i have fear that someone i love dearly might die.
i don't want to say i'm obsessed with these fears, but the fact is, they're there.
i was browsing the interwebs this afternoon and stumbled upon this blog.
and i came to this post.
and the line that struck the hardest chord in me... sorta rocked me to the core was this:

Grief births joy in God’s economy.

there it is.
and i knew, without a doubt, that i should not have fear.
i need to give those fears to God because He's in the business of dealing with those fears.
i shouldn't be.
besides we all know that worrying does nothing to help anything.
what's the point?
it just comes back to trusting the one who has my life in His hands.
whatever is coming or not coming...
for some strange reason i feel like i need to keep these words printed on a piece of paper and stick them in my back pocket.
a reminder.
God is in control.
He writes the story for us.
isn't there comfort in that?
that's what i'm holding on to... trying to let go of the fear.


Marsalie said...

I have the same fears....all the time. Thanks for the reminder of God's sovereignty.

Nicole said...

I think as a Mother we all have fears. We are human. We just need to remember to give them up to HIM and HE will deal with them. Easier said than done , though ;) Thanks for finding the new site!