Tuesday, July 31, 2012

takin' a beach day...

who doesn't like a great day at the beach in summertime?
perfect temperatures... sunshine... family... sand... and water.
these are recipes for FUN!
but no one said going to the beach was easy... especially not with 6 adults and 7 kids!
it's WORK!
lookie here...
our awesome spot that my dad jimmy-rigged up with a tarp.
 these two girls have been spending the past 3 days together... and couldn't have been happier about it!
 sand play...

my omi and my littlest... 80 years between these two.
love both of them so much!
my omi was such a trooper at the beach... in the water... splashing with the kids... playing in the sand.
she's 83 years old!
it was awesome!
my kids and their cousins call her omi-omi to differentiate between my mom and her.  ;)
this rock went all over with her.
i also stubbed my toe on it.
she's so cute and yummy!
i just have to hug and squeeze her every chance i can!
there were seagulls... lots of them.
no surprise there.
jumping over the waves with omi.
so. much. fun.
the whole family!
feeling toasty and crisp!
ha ha!
all three of my chicas!
do you know how hard it is to get a picture of all three of them?
ay yi yi!
"NO mommy... i'm digging a hole!"
"i'm SWIMMING mommy!!"
jeez, come on!
just one picture!!
that's all i ask of you!
ha ha ha!
them... and me!
also a very hard picture to get.
clearly baby h wasn't getting the memo to smile and look at the camera.
just one more...
for my phone!!!
ha ha ha ha ha!
man, do i torture these girls, huh?
payback for when my dad did it with us!
eyelashes for miles...
and one silly one from where we had supper.
nice bodies, girls!!!!

another GRAND day at the beach!
we are a little lobster'esque today... but it was fun!


Rio said...

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Nicole said...

looks like you had fun! we are due for a beach day here :)

bandofbrothers said...

such a cute family you have...and a lot of fun too, i can see!

and i totally agree. the beach is hard work!