Tuesday, August 7, 2012

il duomo pics...

my favorite sight to behold in florence?
hands down... the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore!
oh, il duomo!
how i fell in love with thee!
each time i would catch glimpse of your majestical dome, i would have to remind myself to breathe.
you were everything i hoped you would be.
consecrated in the year 1436, this structure was then and still is today, a modern marvel in physics.
these front doors... massive in size!
and the inside, of course, is just as gorgeous as the exterior!
the proportions are incredibly expansive.
vast amounts of space... every square inch, full of beauty.

the fresco under the dome... fascinating.
it depicts the last judgement.
it was so intricately detailed.
the men painted near the top looked like they were about to jump out.

the view from the top?
well, let's just say it was well worth the tired calves!
we walked up 452 steps to reach it.
our legs were shaky!
i didn't know if it was because i'm scared of heights... or that my legs were just really tired.
i think it was probably a combination of both!

no matter... the view still took our breath away.
far as the eye can see... the hills of tuscany!
i couldn't get enough!
we probably spent at least a half hour up there, taking in the 360 degree views.
it was wonderful.
at the end of a very, very long day, we even saw il duomo all lit up!
no matter what time of day, i'm telling you, this church was spectacular!
i look at all these pics and i need to pinch myself to remind me that i was actually there... and took these photographs!

thank you, il duomo, for being one of the most beautiful structures i have ever had the privilege of viewing!
and thank you, florence, for sharing her with me!

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