Tuesday, January 15, 2013


this is the post where i tell you i have a really sore thumb.
it's either a hang nail...
or an ingrown nail.
either way... it hurts anytime i use my space bar.
no... that's too hard to read.
for you, at least.  ;)

in this post, i also have a confession to make.
i need to tell you i cheated on my challenge again.
i know i look extremely happy... but here's the story.
i went and purchased a pair of tights from lululemon yesterday.
they were on sale.
but it doesn't make me feel any better.
the only thing consoling me is that they're the comfiest pants i've ever owned.
i may have to live in them straight for 21 days to satisfy my guilt and move on.
(in real life friends... don't be surprised if you see me in awesome stretchy pilcro tights from lulu)
i think the key to my keeping up with my challenge is just to stay away from the mall.
it's so hard!
avoid the temptation?
or face the temptation head on and be strong?!
choices, choices!

here's something i can't choose b/c my family is waiting for me...
time for dinner!

1 comment:

Elissa said...

oh man-- I would have definitely given in to lulu tights on sale too! I've heard they're awesome :) Hope your thumb feels better soon!!