Sunday, January 27, 2013

trip anticipation

i often say that one of the best parts of a trip is the anticipation leading up to it.
it's half of the fun really.
you think, you plan, you dream.
you get excited!
i'm in that stage RIGHT now.
for two different places.
first trip on the agenda... newton, kansas.
number 1 is not the most exciting of destinations.
listen to me here... it's not the locale that makes it enticing
but what we're doing in that location that makes all the difference.
in a few short weeks i'm headed to the middle of the u.s. of a. to attend a little something called craft weekend!
this isn't any ordinary craft weekend.
but a highly sought after dream vacay, if you will, for us crafty lady folk.
heck, you don't even need to be "crafty" to attend.
you just need to get excited to create and have fun!
everything is taken care of, to the very last detail.
and i can't wait to take it all in!
not just anyone can attend... you need to be invited... and the way you get an invite?
random draw.
there are thousands of women's names on the list.
the chances of being picked are slim.
so you can imagine my excitement when in september i received this email:

Hey, Ladies!
You are receiving this email because your name has been chosen in our lottery for Craft Weekend!!!!
Here are the details:

Who: YOU!!!!We are inviting you to purchase a Whatever Craft Weekend ticket(s)...You can purchase for friends! 

What: WHATEVER CRAFT WEEKEND...wanna come????

Where: at Meg's Craft House in Newton, Kansas. We will craft, eat, shop, craft, eat and craft some more!!!!

When: February 8,  February 9, and February 10, 2013. We will start around 6:00 pm on Friday the 8th and finish up on Sunday the 10th at noon.

Why: Why? How did that question get in here???

unfortunately, i'm only able to bring one friend along... as much as i'd have liked to bring 10!
one of my very closest friends, D, is accompanying me.
road trip... here we COME!
we are SO excited!
and the anticipation is getting the better of me.
seriously... i've hardly slept over the last few weeks.
last week i had some vivid dreams about craft weekend.
meg had asked if i brought the cake.
what cake?!
i'm supposed to have brought a cake.
oh shoot.
i forgot it at the hotel.
all of a sudden there's a basketball player there that was 9'5".
exactly that height.
what did i tell you... weird and vivid dreams.
but i guess he won a ticket to craft weekend too?!
i'm telling you... the anticipation for this trip is nuts... but fun!
i can't wait 'til we go!
and two weeks after that... we head to PALM DESERT!!!!!
in sunny californ-i-ay!
my kids have been watching home video from palm desert from a few years ago to "gear" up for the trip.
they can't wait.
and they are loving seeing what they looked like 3 years ago too.
to think... i had a little baby back then!!!
look how little my girls were!!
i just love looking at the old pictures and video too.
it makes me thrilled to think about being there soon... in the warm weather.
swimming and sun... every. single. day.
plus a trip to disneyland too?!
what could be better?!
(maybe this year we can get a bit of a better family shot in front of sleeping beauty's castle. one can hope, right?)
february is gonna be one exciting month!
and 2013 is shaping up to be a great year so far.

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bandofbrothers said...

wow, the craft fair sounds fun! so excited for you! lots of fun in store for you at disneyland too! wahoo!