Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"i want a friend over too!"

my baby h is a player.
not in the "hey, baby come over here" playa' sense.
but in a she's happy to play with almost anyone player sense.
her older sisters will often have friends over.
big k even has two bff's that live on the same street as us, for heaven's sake!
so it's pretty easy to have friends over.
and littlest sister is always seen running around with all the older kids.
sure, we have playdates with lots of other friends when her older sisters are at school.
but she doesn't have too many times where she gets to play completely alone with a friend.
i.e. no other mommys there... no other siblings there.
she had a little friend over last week.
i could tell how proud she was to have this friend over.
just herself.
it was a babysitting favor for my friend.
i was happy to oblige as i knew baby h would be pumped.
can't you tell in these pics?!
she is just as proud as punch!
she felt so special to have that one on one time, as short as it was, because it was just the two of them.
and as i see the pictures, i can't help but keep praying that my baby...
as well as my other girls...
will continue to foster positive and affirming relationships with their girlfriends.
i hope they'll be as blessed as i am to have so many life giving friendships in their lives as well.
i think God uses my friends to bless me and show me His love for me.
plus, i'm just so proud of all my friends too!

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bandofbrothers said...

they look so cute together!