Thursday, February 14, 2013

you and me

it's funny... i just recently got back from a road trip.
it was me and one of my bff's, in my red honda pilot... and the open road in front of us.
we were in the truck for about 30 hours together.
you'd think we'd run out of things to talk about?
well, we totally didn't.
in fact, we ended the trip sad that we didn't have more time to chat!
we had many a good conversation, lots of laughs and a few tears thrown in for good measure.
interestingly enough, the topic of conversation happened to fall upon past relationships.
it was funny to talk about those past loves and see how we've progressed over the years.
so many times i was hurt in my past... my heart broken, raw and shattered.
i loved and gave my heart away so freely... and so often it was disregarded and i was humiliated.
but really, it's not like i was all innocent either... i know i probably did some hurting to some guys too.
when i was younger i just wanted to have a boy love me.
i wanted a boy to take care of me.
to tell me i was his favorite.
to protect me... to honor me... to make me smile.
what i didn't know then, going through the pain of rejection, was that God was preparing me.
He was moulding me into the woman i needed to be to be ready for that one great love.
the love of my life... my husband!
it's not a perfect love, no siree... only my Savior can give me that...
but the love i have with my mr. is special.
no one can take it away from me.
to trust someone as much as i do is almost inexplainable.
and trusting him so much gives me the freedom to be me.
which includes the good... and the ugly.
but he loves me through it.
and not without help from Jesus.
we know that we can't love one another on our own love.
we would have failed a long time ago if that was the case.
our own love won't be able to last.
we need to put our love and hope and trust into something, someone greater.
when we love each other with God's love, we can know we will succeed.
we won't be without our share of struggles, but we know if we keep God's love central, we will carry on.
you and me... me and you.
i love you, my big m.
and i'm so glad God chose you for me.
and me for you.
happy valentine's day!

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bandofbrothers said...

aw so sweet. love your love for him.