Monday, April 8, 2013

dance like no one's watching!

we had a crazy dance weekend.
yes... i'm a dance mom.
not the crazy, have your own TLC reality show, kinda dance mom.
or worse yet... slice tv reality show.
just the "i have three daughters and they're all in dance" kinda dance mom.
and it's great... it really is!
i love to watch them dance.
it's one of my greatest joys!
i'm so proud of them when i get to see them perform.
and this weekend was no exception.
it was the recital for the littlest two.
it's too bad not all 3 got to dance in the same recital but that's the way it is.
big k will have her recital at the end of may.
anyway, saturday was all about baby h... with her very first dance recital.
and little k... her first recital with 2 separate dances, one ballet and one tap.
the day, which started at 8:30 when we left our house and ended at 6:30 when we got home, wasn't without it's share of meltdowns, tears, a bit of yelling, frenzied rushing and sweat (me, not them).
but, all in all, it was worth it to see their beautiful faces smiling on stage and their little toes twirling!
i am a dance mom... yes, i am.
and maybe, just maybe, i'm a little more like those reality tv mamas than i care to admit.
enjoy a few shots from the day!
driving into the city... she was SO pumped that it was finally recital day.
dress rehearsal... before makeup and 'done up' hair.

 again, dress rehearsal.

 make up done... smiling big!!!!
 proud dance mamas... at their finest!!
shut the front door!!!!
can you even take the cuteness??
the fake smiles are starting to make their way out by this time... clearly.
performance time!!!
all done up!

my sweet grandma came to watch her little great grand daughters dance too.
oh boy, do they love her!
it's so very special to have her there too.
we are so proud of these girlies and so happy they've found something they love to do.
we will keep encouraging them to do it if they love it.
yes, these days are stressful and nuts but they're also so lovely and full of so many special moments.
capturing just a few of those instances is worth it.
great job girlies!
keep dancing like no one's watching!
your mama loves you!


bandofbrothers said...

you girls are so so cute. lovin the dance costumes! so fun!

hannah singer said...

yep. y'all are the sweetest. beautiful smiles all around.
and i am loving those darling yellow dance outfits!!