Monday, April 1, 2013


this easter has been a good one...
but also difficult in ways.
i feel like my brokenness and sin were very highlighted.
this isn't necessarily a bad thing.
it's good because it just confirms my very need for a saviour.
singing songs on good friday at church was very emotional for me.
thinking of Jesus... and all He does for me.
and then thinking about me... and all i don't do for Him.
let's just say the tears were a flowin'!
He gave up absolutely everything for me.
can i say that i would do the same for Him?
i like to cling tight to the things of this world.
i like my home, my community, my church, my friends, my family.
and oh boy... do i love my children and husband.
these aren't bad things to love.
of course not!
but do i put these things above God?
because if i do, then i'm treating them just like idols.
i love my Jesus... but am i willing to give it all up for Him?
losing everything like He did for me?
so this is what i'm struggling and grappling with.
it is hard... but good.
re-evaluating my life... desperately trying to make sure i'm not living luke warm.
and in the midst, i'm still so thankful for easter and what it means to us as christians.
He died... so that we may live!
so undeserved... but it's completely free for us.
the price has been paid in full.
what will i do with this good news of mine?

egg hunt pictures from easter sunday morning with my little girlies.

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bandofbrothers said...

great thoughts. i think those same kind of things all day long. it's exhausting. but like you said, it's good. any struggle is better than luke warm!