Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rend Collective Experiment - Come On (My Soul) OFFICIAL

you know people always have the soundtrack to their lives?
our family is no different.
i love music... all different kinds.
but i'm by no means an expert.
i just like what i like... and know what i don't like.
simple sounds... happy lyrics... guitars... clapping.
and songs sung to jesus.  yes!
those are all good things for my heart.
and so when we found these guys a few months ago, we were smitten.
big m and i, of course.
when the song 'build your kingdom here' was touted as the official song of the camp staff where big k went, well, we were pretty excited to SING with them!  
so this album is our soundtrack to summer 2013.
just go and download the entire album... because it sorta rocks.
and i think i need to hang out with these people.
they look like a lot of fun, don't they?
come and dance with me, will ya??!!

when you're done watching that song... watch and listen to 'build your kingdom here'... amazing!!!

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Elissa said...

build your kingdom here- amazing.