Friday, September 6, 2013

cupcake cutie

these two chickens finally went back to school 2 days ago.
that sounds bad, but it's really not.
honestly, summer is a bit of a blur. (can you tell from my severe lack of posts???)
i felt like we were so busy we hardly had time to breathe.
they wanted to go, go, go.
and so we did!
but i'm exhausted!
i'm an introvert (surprise!) and so i need my downtime... badly!
i needed them to go back to school... partly because they were bored and they had begun to fight non-stop.
and partly because i'm selfish and i needed the house to myself again.
well, not totally to myself.
i still have this little munchkin home with me.
and is she ever the best little sidekick!
she, obviously, goes with me everywhere.
today was no exception.
i had a ton of errands to run... for church ministries, for family gatherings, for preschool.
it was a very busy morning.
and she was along for the ride for the whole thing.
i promised her that if she was a good girl, we'd go and get a cupcake after we were done.
you see, i'm not one of those moms that treats my kids very often.
i know, i know... shame on me.
but my girls get spoiled and treated by so many others that i just feel it's pointless when i do it.
i know that's not true, but that's how my mind works.
anyway... so mama going for a big old cupcake for a reward was a big deal.
and my little baby h took the bait... hook, line and sinker!
although, i wish i could say it helped her 'tude in the stores and places we had to go.
really, it didn't.
she was crazy.
running around and knocking stuff over. (i kid you not)
did you see me out and about this morning?
did i look frazzled?
because i was.
ha ha!
but after it was all said and done...
we stopped by to pick up a couple of cupcakes.
a promise is a promise, after all.
i chose a white cupcake.
chocolate is definitely not my most favorite, if you didn't know that already about me.
my flavor today was hawaiian pineapple!
mmm... coconut shavings on top!
baby h chose chocolate.
i mean really... for all you cocoa fans, this does look pretty delectable, doesn't it?
and those oreo bits on top?
heaven for an almost 4 year old, i tell you.

she was having a hard time being patient.
i told her i just wanted to take a few pictures.
hmmm... she was very close to taking my cupcake at one point!

 almost ready to dig in!
here we go!
that first bite!
the chocolate monster is out!

do you think she looks chocolate drunk?
i was laughing so hard at the faces she was making... she just couldn't stop!

she probably piddled in her pants a little.
and i may have too!
my turn!
unfortunately, she can't take pics of me.
so we have to resort to scary selfies!

sure, she didn't behave exactly how i wanted her to.
sure, i happened to be stressed to the max this morning while out and about with her.
but i'm guessing those aren't the things that her and i will remember about this day.
what we will remember will be the time we spent devouring our delicious cupcakes for lunch!
maybe i'm turning over a new leaf??

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