Monday, August 29, 2011

cookie making and little girls

the other day was just one of those days that i felt a failure as a mom.
you know the days...
nothing seems to go right.
you're frustrated.
the kids are frustrated.
you do or say things you shouldn't.
to help combat those moody blues, what better option is there than to bake?
and what could be more appropriate with three little girls than to bake cookies in tutus?
for those that know us in real life... tutus are a fashion staple in our house, ahem... for those 7 and under!

saw this recipe highlighted on julie's blog and had to try it!

scooping cookies is where it's at!

i mean, who doesn't like to sneak a mouthful of tasty cookie dough while working?

with three little helpers it takes a bit more time and it's a little bit more messy, but time well spent, indeed.

waiting for the gooey goodness!

mmmmm... cooling.
i was surprised how tiny these cookies were.
they didn't flatten out like most recipes.
but we LOVED them!

 now tell me... what is better than a warm and melty chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven?!

 i can think of 3 things that are better, personally!  xoxo

cheers to a bad day, turned good... by chocolate, naturally!

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Pamichen said...

Oh my...what a fun time that looked like. Great pics Steph! Love you all.