Friday, August 19, 2011

my week in pictures

i was too lazy to instagram my pics this week.
(is instagram a verb?!)
so you'll just get straight off my iphone pics.
at least they'll tell the story of my week!

the tomato harvest has began.
and wow... i swear there'll be thousands of these red gems!
just wait 'til we start canning!!
this is just one short morning picking.

went out for dinner with some wonderful girl friends from high school.
i do not see these ladies enough!
but when we do get together, the conversation is fluid and with depth.
love you, K and A!!

we ordered yummy pizzas!!!!
too bad we had to retreat inside once our pizzas arrived for all the wasps buzzing around us.

trying to get those appointments in before school starts.
big K got her teeth checked out.
no cavities!
(and what is that thing going to grab her on the bottom left side of the pic?!?! what the?!?!
i think maybe it's baby's hand and with the camera speed and her pulling her arm away it looks alien like?! CREEPY!!!)

here's a new way to ride in the stroller!

i guess that's where you gotta go when your big sis is in the front!

future mardi gras goer?!
i should hope not!
but she does look kinda cute... as long as she doesn't start lifting her shirt up!  ack!

my good pal charmaine has 3 kids that are the same age as mine.
don't you just love that?!
makes for some great playdates!
the two littles are starting to 'play' together now instead of just beside one another.

these two are pretty close, literally and figuratively.

and these two... well, let's just say, a wedding might be in the works one day!  ha ha ha ha!

my poor neighbor across the street.
her kids are grown and out of the house but her backyard is like a children's oasis.
playhouse, play structure, this chair swing, bouncing horses.
the girls LOVE to play there!
and she's so hospitable and offers her yard to the children any time.
so, once in a while, neighborhood kids (and cousins) head on over there for a bit to play.
it is a highlight once there.
how many kids can we get on the chair glider?!

ok, i lied, i have two instagram pics.
however, they were taken by my friend and her phone and just sent to me.
these were taken watching daddy's slowpitch game the other night.
first, the girls...
this is one of big k's best buds.
friends since birth, seriously.
and little k's future husband (i know i'm setting all my kids up before they're in 2nd grade).
these two are little sweeties!
and yup... they've already kissed.  multiple times.
can you blame 'em?
look how adorable each one is?!?!  hahahahahaha!

just a few highlights from my week!
enjoy and link up!

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Karla said...

Love the pictures! Looks like the kids are finishing out summer in style before school starts!