Friday, August 12, 2011

instafriday... this i can do!

jeez, i've been a terrible blogger this summer.
maybe i can get back into the swing of things once school starts.
at least that's what i keep telling myself.
i need inspiration.
but all i've been getting this summer is perspiration!
(ok, i'm not that funny, i know)

i was driving home after doing some errands one afternoon and look what i saw:
it's kinda grainy b/c i had to zoom in but i couldn't help but sneakily snap a picture.
this is what it's like living in our small town... old meets new!
rollerblades and a skateboard plus kerchiefs!
who knew it was such a stellar combo?

little K learned how to ride a two wheeler last weekend.
she is doing amazing!
she's a lot more brave than her older sister was at the same time.
(we had to force big K to ride a two wheeler... and little K basically forced us to teach her!  who has time?!  ha ha!)
case in point, she's almost a whole year younger learning to ride on two wheels!
now, it's ALL she wants to do!

aren't these the CUTEST baby shoes, like ever?!
not worth $55 price tag... but cute enough to try on.
it's probably a good thing babester hated them b/c they were difficult to get on.

date night... 3D style!
we are probably one of the last peoples to see transformers 3.
we just don't get out too often on our own.
i bought a big bag of seasoned popcorn for supper and enjoyed the 2.5 hour show!
(i gotta say though... i wouldn't want MY almost bare bum on a huge 3D screen to start the movie!!)

sigh... look at that long beautiful hair.
(don't tell me how ugly the ends look, just sigh with me please)
this is right before we went into the salon to get haircuts.
they insisted they wanted short hair.
i insisted to cry.

sniff, sniff...
look at those lovely locks.
wasted away on the floor.
all those perfectly highlighted strands cut off.
why can't i have naturally perfect highlighted hair?
you know i wouldn't be cutting it off!

the aftermath.
ok, it's not too bad.
they're actually pretty cute with their short hair.
and brushing through it won't force me to the looneybin anymore.
but i'll miss that long hair of theirs.
they are pleased as punch with their haircuts.

no haircutting for this baby, just yet.
she's content to stay cute as EVER in her carseat.
yum... i just wanna eat her!
look at those adorable buck teethies!!!

i love evening runs.
yeah, i'm tired from a long day with the kids... but there's just nothing like running as the sun is setting.
the air is much cooler, i can run without sunglasses, the streets are quieter.
plus, running with a pal don't hurt either.
thanks for the good chat during the run, b!

hmmm... boys will be boys.
can i hear an amen?

isn't it nice to have a friend with a pool?
these girlies had a blast!

and the littles had some fun too!
it's ok to be timid of the water when you're 2, or almost 2.

that's bits of my week!
what does next week have in store for us?


Michele said...

Great photos! I wish I had a pal to run with. It's great accountability. The new haircuts are too cute!

Pamichen said...

Hair always grows back. ;o) They look sweet and Hads with her big ol' front teeth. Reminds me of a little girl named Stephie that I know... ;o)