Thursday, November 3, 2011

the blue skirt

i have to tell you a story.
it's the story of the blue skirt.
this blue skirt was worn almost every single day.
by one special little 3 year old girl.
she was so in love with this skirt.
there was nothing that didn't match this skirt.
sometimes, the skirt itself was the entire outfit.
running high and low...
all over the land, this skirt was in tow.
it never came off, not even for sleep.
it was even suitable to wear to decorate a christmas tree.
over jeans, to boot!
this girl has a keen sense of fashion at a young age!!

now i have a little 2 year old girl...
that has the same keen fashion sense as her biggest sister.
and she has found a blue skirt of her own.
she dances and prances and flits about.
happy as can be in her pretty satin blue skirt.
(shirt is optional at 2, as you can plainly see)

everything is prettier with a blue skirt.
big sister approves.
are you surprised?
she set the bar!
now her little mini-me is following in her footsteps!
and that... is the story of the blue skirt!
oh how i love these little girlies!
(just one sweet middle one is missing.)
(can i also say how fun it was looking through all those old pictures?!  of my sweet babes as babies?!)

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