Tuesday, November 8, 2011

crafternoon delight

ha ha ha!
ah, jami nato.
she makes me laugh.
i think we'd get along swimingly in person.
she's crafty, yes.
and when she puts up craft tutes, she'll call them crafternoon delight.
i've always loved it.
like i'm seeing will ferrel in anchorman singing, "sky rockets in flight..."
and i swear, the entire time i was crafting today, i kept singing in my head, "crafternoon delight...".
she is a funny girl, that jami.

(taking yet another cue from missus nato)
back to the craft.
i wanted to create something.
didn't know what.
but it had to be easy.
and it had to be completed during nap time.
sometimes that's 1 hour.
sometimes that up to 3!
today was a lucky day... i got me a good 2.5 hours.
but, don't be afraid, this crafternoon delight only took about 1 hour (for one piece).
so, what am i going to make?
headband tutorial... to the RESCUE!!!!
i have lots of little scrap pieces of fabric in my home.
let's throw 'em all together and make some cutesy headbands.
because i have three girls.
because it's easy and i don't have to sew anything.
because i can wield a mighty glue gun.
oh yeah!
so, i first bought some el cheapo headbands from the dollar store.
then i got all my scraps together and tried to find good colour combos.
first headband... yellows and pinks.
cut out 6 circles in two different sizes (the tutorial i followed used 3 sizes but i just settled for 2).
after you've cut out your circles, fold them in half and then half again, one on either side and make a cone shape.
this sounds confusing but once you're playing with the fabric, you'll see what i mean.
refer to the tutorial link above if you're confused.
then glue towards the base between the folds to hold into place.
 now you have these cute little cone/triangle thingys (don't you laugh, it's all very technical).
glue the 6 largest thingys onto a felt circle in a circular pattern.
it's like a fun little puzzle!
but with hot glue... so don't let your preschooler try it unless you want to teach them a lesson in heat.
now use the smaller triangle thingys and do the same thing ON TOP of the larger ones, like so.
now look through your button stash, find a cute one, and hot glue it into the middle.
then cut out another piece of felt and attach it to a headband, and glue the flower to the other side.
it'll look like this when completed.
 now put it on your sweet girl...
of course, letting it cool down first!
sweeeeet, huh?
now because it was so simple...
i made another!
little bitty wanted one too!!
and ain't it cute on her?
of course i made one for big K as well.
although by that time, the natural light was all gone and so pics weren't as nice.
and... then i made another.
by the time the last two were completed, it wasn't crafternoon delight anymore... but myhusbandishungryandwantstoeatdinnersoclearoffthetableofcrafts...
did you catch that?
me thinks more of these sweet head adorners will make it into my craft routine in the future!

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